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were able to make that flight? >> sure, so i was on the flight from san francisco to houston. trying to catch the last flight of the day from houst ton lubbock. and i knew that it was very likely that i might miss the last flight. so i asked the flight attendant if you know, i told the flight attendant, sophia, about you know the situation. and so she said she would do everything she could. well well i guess she did. you know, after the service and an hour or so later, another flight attendant came back and said the pilot was asking for the flight number from my flight from houston to lubbock. i guess they radioed ahead and made sure that everybody along the way knew what was happening. >> you had fallen to pieces in your seat. realizing that you're not going to be able to make that connecting flight and the flight attendant saw you crying and wanted to know what was going on. and you know, from the flight attendant to the pilot, and beyond, everyone was very empathetic and understanding your situation and really wanted to make something happen for you. >> and they did. and so that's
, texas, where his mother was hospitalized, started in san francisco, the first leg of his flight from houston to san fran was delayed. he knew there was no way he could make his connecting flight to lubbock but went united airlines crew saw how distraught he was, they road the connecting flight and the crew on board that plane delayed takeoff for about 20 minutes so that drake could see his mother before she passed away. today, drake had a message of gratitude for the airline. >> me and my family want to say thank you and, you know, you know, when they -- when i realized that they were, you know, trying to help me is when i really became emotional and needed some extra napkins. the compassion was overwhelming. >> and in the end, the end of that journey, you were able to make that connecting flight, you heard them over the loud speaker saying, you know exmr. drake, we have been waiting for you, you got on that flight, you were able to get to the hospital to see your mom and really, it was a matter of hours in which that you had contact with your mom and that she would pass away, right?
different from san francisco startup. >> it is completely different. yeah. i went from a company of being one of 400,000 to one of one. >> reporter: she left her comfy job to enter the risky world of technology startups, a career that leaves little room for a personal life. leah uses her own company to handle mundane tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. perhaps not surprising, more women use taskrabbit than men. in 2011, san francisco magazine compared her to zuckerberg, and placed her head on his body. in an essay for women's 2.0, she wrote she was honored but at the same time it was disheartening to see my head placed on a male's body. as if masculine features are synonymous with uber success. >> i've never been a male entrepreneur, so i'm not really sure what sort of challenges they may face versus my own. being an entrepreneur is hard, all around. it is not easy. >> reporter: she repeatedly says she doesn't focus on gender. still, the other top executives at taskrabbit are also women. she says they were just the most qualified. overall, she says the staff is about 50/50. >> the ba
sexuality a former nfl player now says he is gay. an emotional interview with the former san francisco 49ers quayne herrick only on cnn next. >>> a former nfl player is coming out of the closet and opening up about his sexuality for the first time. we're talking about kwaim harris, former offensive tackle for the san francisco 49ers recently outed in the media. the nfl is not necessarily known for its acceptance of gays, and not one player currently in the nfl is openly gay. covering the cnn exclusive is a former nfl linebacker and frequent guest on the show. coy, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> you played with quame back at stanford. he revealed to you in a personal way why now is the time to reveal while he was gay, not as an active player but as a former player. why? >> the thing about this is quame is such an impressive guy. he not only was one of the best football players at stanford, he was playing masterpieces on the piano and violin and none of us knew for certain but we could have assumed as much but we didn't care. i went back to the college field and i learned about t
, include san francisco and kansas city, but most of them are smaller. they're more remote airports, which have contracts with local security companies. your company, garda, provides passenger screening at 27 airports and canada. what have you been able to offer the government that the government couldn't do itself? >> the canadian government went through the same thing as the u.s. they turned it around and said, how can we do this in a more efficient way? every single county in the world does it that way. we bring different efficient measures throughput more efficiently. a good example, in canada a few years ago, they had issues in terms of budget. they came to us and said could we do things differently? in just one, region we're able to cut the budget from 264 million. if you take the same scenario in the u.s., 1.5 billion is going to the screeners and 1.5 billion to the oversight. this is totally ridiculous. tsa needs to get their act together and i think this event this will push the pressure on the u.s. government to look at the business and more importantly. >> stefan, i have to cut
smoking, to turn down that music? by the way, get those happy meals away from children. remember when san francisco tried to stop restaurants from handing out toys in kids' meals that lacked the right amount of fruits and vegetables. kids don't go to mcdonald's for fruits and vegetables. this is from a city that prides itself on being open-minded. back in 2002, before he took on the sugary soda earbuds, michael bloomberg pushed a ban on trans fats in new york restaurants. is that something the new york mayor should be worried about? is it the government's job to make us better people? david, i want you to weigh in because jerry said he's got -- he says he has every addiction known to man. he can weigh in on that. but, david, you wrote the book on it. >> let me give you an example. christopher hitchens who died from cancer from smoking, probably, i heard him say once, without smoking, life wouldn't have been worth it for him. i find that sad. but i'm just saying that -- i've read the constitution. it doesn't say anywhere that i have to be healthy. i'm not sure why anybody should be coercin
drake was desperate to get from san francisco to lubbock, texas, to see his mother who was dying. he was on a united airlines flight to houston when he realized he would probably not make the connecting flight which was the last one of the night. drake tells us what happened next. >> so i candidate the flight attendant if, you know, i told the flight attendant, sofia, about, you know, the situation, and so she said she would do everything she could. i guess she did. you know, after the service and an hour or so later, another flight attendant came back and said the pilot was asking for the flight number for my flight from houston to lubbock. i'm guessing what happened next is that they radioed ahead and made sure that everyone along the way was aware of what was happening. i got to spend the night with her and my dad in the hospital room that night, and about 4:00 a.m. was her last moment of coherence where she woke up, and then the following moment she was dead, and had i not made that flight from houston to lubbock, i would not have been able to say good-bye. >> when he returned, d
. >> thank god the girl is fine. you remember back in san francisco, there was a woman killed by two dogs in her apartment building. and the owner of those dogs wept to prison for 15 to 20 years for that manslaughter. >> uh-huh. >> that's my question here. is there some kind of negligence. or is there some kind of recklessness, or any other kind of charge that you can think of that a dog owner who has a dog with his propensity can face in this incident? knowing all the facts that we don't have but knowing what we see? >> right. i would hope they try to change the law that's on the books. at least on the assault charge. because if you know the dog is dangerous and you fail to take precaution, you should be responsible for that. the judge is right. that's the problem with laws in this country with animals. they don't address the fact that the animal can be a dangerous weapon. i'm not saying that dogs are necessarily inherently bad. but there are circumstances and. and owners need to be held responsible for that. so in a case like this, if he knew the dog was dangerous and he failed to take
it was san francisco frannen stein in there. paul, is there one of those cases where people can wheel their wheelbarrows to that office and sue for you name it? >> a lot of people think that, but i was checking the oklahoma medical malpractice statute and there are limitations of damages in oklahoma. $300,000 cap on what they call noneconomic loss which is pain and suffering. the hard part about this case, you know you've been treated with a contaminated instrument and you're afraid you develop hepatitis or aids, but you never do. should you be compensated for that fear. very hard to prove that. so these won't be easy medical made practice cases. so leave the wheelbarrow at home. somebody who has actually developed hepatitis and we can tie it back to that dentist, that's a good case. but the other cases not such a great case. >> how about one further. paul said somebody who has developed hepatitis and can tie that hepatitis directly back to the clib i go. what if that person walked freely among us with a dormant disease for years and years affecting other people? >> exactly. isn't tha
. >>> alternative folk singer michelle shock is singing out about her anti-gay rant in san francisco. it got her booted off the stage and ever since venues around the country have been canceling her upcoming shows. according to published reports, the born again christian had an uneventful show until she said that gay marriage would be the downfall of civilization. that prompted the audience to walk out. shocked now says she was misunderstood. here's part of the statement she gave to cnn. saying, quote, i do not, nor have i ever said or believe that god hates homosexuals or anyone else. i said that some of his followers believe that. i believe in totolerance comes m fear and these people are genuinely scared. >>> the westboro baptist church says it approves of its new neighbor across the street, a modest house now painted the colors of the gay pride flag. westboro is infamous for strident anti-gay message. it says the brightly colored home helped shine a spotlight on what it calls a very sin the bible condemns and therefore is welcome. the house was bought by a gay rights activist aaron jackson a
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in the 2003 draft. he played six seasons in the pros, five with the san francisco 49ers, and one with the oakland raiders. >> i love football. football provided me with some experiences and some opportunities that i wouldn't trade for anything else. but at the same time, the cost was great in asking me to not speak candidly or be able to be open about myself and in this complete manner. >> reporter: harris is gay. he said he's always known this, but concealed it until recently. >> i wasn't publicly out until -- until about, i don't know, beginning of the super bowl, when it was publicized. >> reporter: it was publicized after an alleged altercation with an ex-boyfriend outside of a restaurant. not long after, current 49er chris culver made this comment on artie lange's radio show. >> ain't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. >> reporter: culver ultimately apologized, but the sentiment is not uncommon in the sports world. last baseball season, toronto short stop escobar was suspended for three games for a gay slur written in spanish in the gre
attorney for san francisco. welcome. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so you have sort of the opposite view. you and a group of doctors have been asking the fda to force these energy drink makers to include that information. it looks like you got your wish. >> well, it's a step in the right direction. historically, monster and most other energy drink manufacturers really shied away from classifying their product as beverages, because if you are a beverage, caffeine is a food additive, which then would have to meet, under federal law, the generally recognized as safe. which means it has to be a general consensus of scientific opinion that the product is safe. and that is a burden that's on the manufacturer. they've never had to show that, and by classifying it as a dietary supplement, they escaped regulation totally. so from our perspective, this is a step in the right direction, and now the impetus is going to be on monster to demonstrate that their product is safe. we've asked them to do that. and unfortunately, they haven't. and i think that what you've seen is, there
is the local price increases. phoenix, year over year, carol, up 23%. san francisco, 17%. las vegas, 15%, detroit, 13%, atlanta, 13%. when you look across the country. you can see some huge gains for some of the places that really were blown up badly by the housing bubble when it popped. they are starting to come back. one thing i'll tell you, much of the action in the housing market, maybe a quarter of the action in the housing market, investors, hedge funds, foreign buyers with cash. not your every day middle class americans able to pick up the pieces after the collapse. those people who are benefiting very low mortgage rates are helping people who are first-time home buyers, seeing across the markets. for sellers, many of whom had been underwater. finally, home price increases are helping them refinance or try to sell their homes, benefits to rising home prices and, again, carol, a pretty good looking number. we'll see another number at 10:00, new home sales. we'll see if that holds true as well. >> christine romans live from new york this morning. >>> the california endar says it's
this time for discernment and reflection and that's been evident in the meetings thus far. >>> the san francisco oakland bay bridge often overshadowed by the golden gate nearby, but making a visual splash. this visual splash here, an installation called the bay lights. these are 25,000 l.e.d. lights spanning the entire length of this bridge. the visual artist behind this display said he didn't look too far for inspiration, used the birds and clouds and traffic. imagine driving across it while the light show goes on. they'll burn from dusk to 2:00 a.m. the next two year and the light pattern will never repeat. kind of cool. >>> up next, a mystery involving racism on a college campus. it has this tiny town on edge. reports of a kkk sighting, but it is not the first instance. is this a lone prankster? might this be something bigger. we'll talk about what is happening on this campus next. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrt
san francisco. to generally the people who can pay in that area happen to be tech executives, happen to be these kind of geeky, nerdy guys. that's why you see her kind of laying down the law saying, you can't wear the hoodie and can't text while you're on the date. >> so how much does it cost? >> the prices are pretty steep. it's $20,000 for eight matches. so you've got to be really committed to this and you've got to be making some money to be able to do this. but you can attend these events for $2,500. so it's not cheap, but you've got to be willing and willing to pay and committed to looking for love. >> but can't you just hang out at a gym or a coffee shop? there are plenty of those out west. >> reporter: very true. i think these guys spend too much time inside coding. >> i think so too. >>> coming up in the newsroom, our talk back question today, will the possible use of chemical weapons -- actually, that is not our talk back question today. we're going to be right back. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i
'm joined by san francisco city town dennis herrera and austin nimox. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> austin, you heard what karl rove just said. are you on the wrong side of history? >> the only side of history with regard to marriage is the right one regarding the truth. and that really should be decided by the american people. americans have an inevitable and inalienable right to determine our own history and that's really a fundamental aspect of america. we have a massive political debate going on in this country about marriage. and the last thing we need is the supreme court to take this debate away from the american people, print a 50 state solution to the marriage question. that's not what we want. we have democratic institutions for a reason and we need to keep using them as we debate marriage, its meaning and its importance to our society. >> and dennis, prop 8 was approved by voters in california. you want the u.s. supreme court to overturn that law. some say the court maybe loath to do that even with the public ever increasingly on th
, with a 23% jump in values. prices are up more than 10% in cities like san francisco, las vegas, atlanta. >>> amanda knox's operatic drama has another act to go. the reason it has yet to ex-plaex explain, the italian court issued a stunning reversal for her acquittal of the murder. she will be tried yet again in italy for the slaying of her roommate mare deaeredith kerche 2007. knox was 20 at the time, convicted of murder two years late, but then in 2011, was freed when the conviction was overturned. knox received today's news in seattle, in her home where she's now 25 years old, has a new book coming out next month. her attorney says the ruling is disappointing, but the case against amanda knox has not, he says, gotten any stronger. >> -- while, yes, we would have preferred the supreme court to simply affirm the acquittal, and it certainly was painful for amanda to receive this news, in the bigger picture, these charges still remain just as unfounded, just as unjust as they were before. >> knox doesn't need to attend the trial, which would be held in florence italy later this year, poss
, san francisco. >> wearable technology, why didn't i think of that? >> i don't know if i want that. it's just one more thing. i feel better now. kbood to see you. have a great day. skblnchts we have a lot straight ahead including this. dental patients getting tested after disturbing news that they may have been exposed to hepatitis. we're learning what's next for those patients. >>> and threatening south korea with war. what is north korea up to? are they the getting ready to start a full-scale conflict? >>> and michael jackson's family is suing his concert provider. they are talking about wrongful death suit and what the jacksons hope to get out of it. >>> let's start in tulsa, oklahoma, where screening has started for patients who were exposed to hiv or hepatitis at their dentist's office. 7,000 people could be at risk. this whole thing started when investigators found horrific conditions at this dentist office. susan. kand y candiotti is in tulsa today. >> reporter: possibly hundreds of patients could begin to show up today as free screenings begin for up to 7,000 patients of a dent
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)